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All custom cookie orders require a minimum of 7 days notice for ordering. Order pick-up times are between 10am & 6:30pm. Any time selected before then will be automatically corrected to 10am and after then will be corrected to 6:30pm.

02:30 PM

Custom cookie orders require a dozen minimum and no more than four designs/shapes per dozen. All orders are made out of sugar cookies only.


Royal icing is the traditional type placed on most cookies you see. It has a sweet flavor, but is not sweet like cake icing. Cookies iced with it will have a very muted sweetness.

Buttercream icing is the traditional icing that is on a cake. It will taste like cake icing and be super sweet. Due to its nature, it will remain soft/semi-soft. These cookies cannot be placed in bags or stacked without damage.

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If you would like your cookies to be bagged we will need a few details to accommodate. Bagging cookies does incur an additional fee in pricing.

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